Ash black handwoven woolen stole from Uttarakhand  SOLD

Ash black handwoven woolen stole from Uttarakhand SOLD

US$ 24.39

About WEAVING WOOL : This stole is curated from the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand formerly known as Uttaranchal, is a state in North India, where the abode of the craft of weaving wool, initiated by the women of the villages Spinning is done on a traditional spinning wheel, or Charkha after which the yarn is ready to be knitted or woven. For weaving, there are two types of looms, the upright loom for coarser fabric and the pit loom for finer fabric. Knitting, done with a pair of needles has attained a different level of fabric construction altogether with the motifs getting three dimensional. The different shades of grey of the woolen fabrics are not dyed colours, but the result of blending of white and black wool in certain ratios, before spinning of the yarn. With just these shades, they make different motifs, stripes and checks.