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Celebrate a timeless lifestyle with Desi Almaree | Handwoven sarees and handmade art curated by Medha Nevrekar.

Desi Almaree is our endeavor to bring the age-old crafts to the woman, who seeks a style that’s ‘uniquely her’. We believe the fusion of weaves and handmade art reflects many unique features of a woman. And, we want to bring out this individuality. At Desi Almaree, you’ll find a wide canvas of weaves, colourful, natural that’s one of a kind. We take pride in quoting ‘We don’t repeat our weaves.’ So, when you buy handloom sarees onlineon our site or at our offline studios, be sure that you’ll be picking ‘one-of-a-kind’saree; available in range of weaves -- Linens, Jutes, Khadis, Tussars, Raw silks, Chanderis, Maheshwaris, Paithanis and Ajrakh, shibori, along with bagru, hand block-print techniques and more. Our Almaree is full of exquisite handlooms - sarees,yardage and accessories like stoles and dupattas- making you a truly contemporary woman of today. To match your style, we also have recently launched our exclusive collection of handmade blouse – ‘Amoha’. That’s where we draw our inspiration from…

The beauty and authenticity of our label rests in the weaving process, where the yarn passes through the hands of one craftsperson to another. These artisans carry forward Indian tradition of handloom and handmade by creating weaves with its own unique story. The resulting piece, thus, evokes a strong sense of culture from which it originates. When you are buying something handmade, you are buying more than just a product. What you buy is hundreds of hours, days, weeks and months of experimentations, failures and successes.  You aren’t just buying a product, but a piece of art, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life…  

Come, join us on this wonderful journey of crafting handmade stories and creating a legacy that’ll be yours to share.

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Weaving India together...

India is home to a plethora of handlooms, weaves and handicrafts. While these arts and crafts that are always in danger of succumbing to modern technology and getting buried under a sea of faster, quicker methods to manufacture; there are several that still survive and thrive. It’s a different feeling of owning a material that has been carefully put together and woven, and these ethic weaves, produced indigenously, have a particularly special feel about them. So, we at DESI ALMAREE bring together Indian elements to a sensibility, very global in appeal.