Our philosophy..

We work to benefit both ends of the chain - on the one side it delivers 100 percent authentic crafts to the like-minded people, while on the other it provides fair revenues and social upliftment to artisans and craftsmen. Artisans are the backbone of DESI ALMAREE’s growth and sustainability. The beauty and authenticity of the label rests in the weaving process, where the yarn passes through the hands of one craftsperson to another, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the handloom & hand-made and creating weaves that has a unique story to share. The resulting piece evokes a strong sense of culture from which it originates. When you are buying something handmade, you are buying more than just a product. You are buying hundreds of hours, days, weeks and months of experimentations and failures. You aren’t just buying a product, but a piece of art, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life… Design & colour sensibility are our strengths. The ability to create textile textures through a combination of different types of yarns and weaves, distinguishes us from others in the field..


We are investing in the crafts sector which in a way offers tremendous opportunity to improve the economic, environmental and social conditions of rural communities, by tapping into the global market, and the economic empowerment of many rural households.

Artisans are the backbone of our growth and sustainability. We're committed to propelling the handloom sector forward with a focus on design innovation. 

We are also working on to increase demand for weaves & crafts and strengthening market linkages. We are also providing our business support to increase efficiencies in craft production which is enabling these artisans to produce more.

" Our goal is to Sustain. Sustain the art of Handloom. Sustain the artisans making high quality fabrics. With every purchase you make at DESI ALMAREE you’re helping the artisans sustain their art and also providing for their families. Your contribution will only add to the glory of beautiful craftsmanship and diligence of the artisans." -MEDHA NEVREKAR

Meet the founder & creative head.... MEDHA NEVREKAR

An ardent lover of Indian textile, treasured art forms and varied weaves, the journey started way back in 2006. Her strong inclination towards Indian traditional weaves made her jump from a cushy career in business intelligence and technology consulting with one of the world’s leading Consulting firms to working with over 100+ artisans across India. This allowed her to be the much-desired bridge between wonderful creations of these artisans and like-minded people across the globe. Her journey, while challenging has been extremely fulfilling. She wants to encourage people to consider where their clothing comes from, and to prove that Indian fashion can be extremely plush whilst maintaining the traditional design philosophy. She believes in Minimalistic, Sustainable Fashion & Slow Living !!

Exploring the myriad possibilities of handwoven, tradition is what inspired us, and the challenge was always to present it within a contemporary context.Today, the Handloom Tree is nurtured with labour, love and the loom, bearing exclusive collections for discerning women.